A People's History of the Seward Neighborhood
ed. Epstein, Matheny, Musser
978-1-947237-07-0 / $27.50

The Seward neighborhood in South Minneapolis has long been known for its liberal politics and community activism. It has been home to railroad porters and socialist agitators, state governors and hippy bicycle mechanics, state-of-the-art recording studios and dairy co-ops with links to the Scandinavian tradition. The essays collected here, written by Seward residents and often based on oral histories, tell the stories of the men and women who followed Dakota trails from Fort Snelling to the Falls of St. Anthony, attended the State Fair during the years it was held in Seward, worshipped at local churches of several faiths and denominations, worked in the local rail yards or at Minneapolis Moline, and swapped stories after work in the bars of the Hub of Hell.

Generation of Wealth
Donald M. Hall
6 x 9, 36 pages, $19.95

Hall tells the story of Control Data, which grew from a company without a product selling stock at $1 a share to a multinational firm going head-to-head with IBM while manufacturing the world’s fastest computers. William Norris, Seymour Cray, and Manny Villanova are just a few of the personalities involved in a surprising success story that primed the pump of local investment and facilitated the flowering of a medical device industry that continues to flourish in the state to this day.

Minnesota's Outdoor Wonders
Jim Gilbert
10 x 8, full color, $19.95

Field biologist Jim Gilbert has taken a month-by-month approach to the Minnesota seasons, emphasizing the marvels that surround us at every turn of the earth’s yearly cycle. The break-up of the ice, the sound of summer frogs, the call of the loon, and the splendor of maples in autumn are only a few of the events that will thrill and inspire children and adults alike. Copiously illustrated with color photographs.

The Pillsburys of Minnesota
Lori Sturdevant with George Pillsbury
6 x 9, 438 pp (hc)

Pillsbury is a household word in many parts of the world, but in Minnesota it carries a special ring. Here Star Tribune columnist Lori Sturdevant chronicles the family's pioneering role in making Minneapolis the milling capitol of the world. She explores the career of Minnesota governor “Honest John” Pillsbury, Alfred Pillsbury's impact on the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Philip's remarkable success at reviving a moribund milling giant, and George's efforts to fashion a more inclusive Republican Party

Nicollet Island
Christopher and Rushika Hage
8 x 8 240 pp
ISBN: 978-1-935666-03-5

Nicollet Island lies at the heart of old Minneapolis, and its buildings are steeped in history. Authors Christopher and Rushika Hage here tells the story of the island and its inhabitants from pioneer days to the Hippie era and on to the island's recent renaissance as part of the more widespread development of the Mississippi waterfront.

The Seven States of Minnesota
John Toren
ISBN 978-1-932472-51-7 $19.95 (pb)
Revised edition, June, 2010

In this collection of driving tours, complete with maps and photographs, Toren explores Minnesota's exotic landscapes, taking us from the roadless splendor of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area to the majestic bluffs of the Mississippi Valley, and from the gaping mines of the Mesabi Iron Range to the quiet allure of the aspen parklands and the Coteau des Prairie, with plenty of insights and observations on the state's geography, history, and culture along the way.

Green Stamps to Hot Pants
Growing Up in the 50s and 60s

Genny Zak Kieley
$19.95 (pb) 192 pp
ISBN 978-1-932472-73-8
Intermixing social research and personal nostalgia, Genny Kieley creates a portrait of a simpler era, of ice-cream socials and twice-a-day newspaper delivery, sock hops and doo-wop music, first loves, first heartbreaks, and afternoon parties fueled by 45s. Cars had fins and television had just arrived.


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