Biography and Memoir

A Hundred Lives Since Then

Gail Rosenblum
6 x 9, 184 pp, $19.95

In A Hundred Lives Since Then , award-winning StarTribune columnist Gail Rosenblum has gathered a collection of wry and pithy observations on a host of family experiences. She brings a refreshing perspective to subjects ranging from home remodeling and a parent's late-life romance to a child's show-and-tell and the neighborhood book club. With self-deprecating humor, she reminds us how difficult it can be to hire a babysitter, how frightful to take a young child on an amusement park ride

Sports and All That Jazz: The Percy Hughes Story

Jim Swanson
6 x 9. $19.95, pb, 172 pp

Based on extensive interviews, this book tells the story of jazz artist and tennis professional Percy Hughes, who entertained audiences at many venues throughout the Twin Cities for decades, including the Flame on Nicollet Avenue and the Point Club in Golden Valley. The region was a Swing Era hotspot, and Swanson recreates the flair of the period in loving detail.

Miss Priss and the Con Man

Jill Breckenridge
6x9, $19.95
192 pp

Noted author Jill Breckenridge tells the story of her charismatic yet wildly unreliable father, whose pursuit of that elusive “big deal” led to financial disaster and a prison term. It's a tale of silver mines, movie stars, booze, and violence, told from the perspective of the little girl who lived through it all.

The Pillsburys of Minnesota

Lori Sturdevant with George Pillsbury
6 x 9, 438 pp (hc)

Pillsbury is a household word in many parts of the world, but in Minnesota it carries a special ring. Here Star Tribune columnist Lori Sturdevant chronicles the family's pioneering role in making Minneapolis the milling capitol of the world. She explores the career of Minnesota governor “Honest John” Pillsbury, Alfred Pillsbury's impact on the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Philip's remarkable success at reviving a moribund milling giant, and George's efforts to fashion a more inclusive Republican Party.

You Can't Do That!
Marv Davidov, Non-Violent Revolutionary

Carol Masters with Marv Davidov
$19.95 (pb), 256 pages
ISBN 978-932472-89-9

In this full-length biography we follow the career of non-violent revolutionary Marv Davidov from his years in the military—he recieved an honorable discharge “for the good of the Army”—to living among the Beats on the U of M campus and participating in the Freedom Rides that helped bring racial integration to the American South. Masters describes the time he spent in prison, the fasts, and the rallies, conferences, demonstrations and marches that served to raise public awareness of locally manufactured weapons, nuclear waste issues, and Native fishing rights. It’s a colorful, inspiring narrative of a true Minnesota original.

Jim Pollard
the kangaroo kid

Dolph Grundman
$19.95 (pb),1780 pages
ISBN 978-1-932472-86-8

Jim Pollard helped bring six world championships to Minneapolis with the Lakers. In 1978 he was elected to the Hall of Fame. Here Dolph Grundman acquaints us with the details of Pollard’s career and also fleshes out “Gentleman” Jim Pollard the teacher and family man.

Knife Island
circling the year in a herring skiff

Stephen Dahl
$14.00 (pb) 84 pages
ISBN 978-1-932472-48-6

Stephen Dahl earns a living fishing for Lake Superior herring in an 18-foot skiff. This book records one year of the pre-dawn thoughts, daily tasks, and dramatic events in a life spent on the fringes of the world’s largest lake.

Walking on Air in a Field of Greens
an Italian-American Collage

Emilio DeGrazia
$19.95 (pb) 216 pp

Haunted by thoughts of the village in southern Italy where his parents were born, award-winning author Emilio DeGrazia searches for the meaning of family and home as they are altered by immigration and shaped by the prisms of memory and imagination.

Pieces of My Heart
Everyone Has an Everest

Jim Klobuchar
ISBN 1-932472-50-9 $24.95
200 pp / 7x10 / full color (pb)

Jim Klobuchar’s experience in the mountains as a climber and trekker, and a reawakened spiritual life, gave him a deeper respect for the gifts of wild nature and shifted his explorations into something closer to pilgrimage. In this book he tells of his travels in the Himalaya, the Andies, the Alps, and places closer to home, and relates his encounters with extraordinary people who have shared with him what he now calls the grace of wild nature.

She's No Lady
Politics, Family, and International Feminism

Beverly Rollwagen
$14.00 (pb), 96 pages
ISBN 1-932472-32-0

The spirited memoir of a Minnesota farm girl who became a founding mother of the worldwide women’s movement, Fraser recounts her Depression-era upbringing, the early days of the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party, and her career in government and the non-profit sector. She also tells of her marriage to former Congressman and Minneapolis mayor Don Fraser, and the joy and heartbreak of raising six children—and losing two.

Campfire Tales

Jerry Fearing
64 pages, $14.95 (pb) full color

These humorous tales of camping, getting wet,encountering bears and swatting mosquitoes, by a former cartoonist for the St. Paul Dispatch, will appeal to anyone who loves the North Woods. Fearing enhances this recount his youth on the Mississippi Flast, camping with the kids, and fly-in trips above the Arctic Circle with charming sketches scattered throughout the book.

The Great Dan Patch
and the Remarkable Mr. Savage

Tim Brady
$24.95 hc with DVD
ISBN 1-932472-40-1

Tim Brady tells the story of Minnesota’s most famous pacer, Dan Patch, who held the world record for more than 30 years, and of his owner M. W. Savage, who made a fortune promoting farm products under the Dan Patch brand. The accompanying DVD contains rare footage of Dan on the track.

Touching the Soul:
The Diary of a Jewish Chaplain

Max Fallek
Paperback • 96 pages
$14.95 • ISBN 978-1-932472-77-6

The Talmud teaches us: “to save one soul is to save the world.” Max Fallek,a Jewish chaplain, has gathered these stories of visits with patients, organized by means of Yiddish expressions that convey the distinctive flavor of the events being described.

Baghdad Barcarolle

Holly Windle
ISBN 978-1-932472-78-3

Drawing on anecdotes collected during numerous personal conversations, Holly Windle retells the story of Beatrice Ohanessian's childhood in cosmopolitan, multi-cultural Baghdad and her glamorous (and sometimes dangerous) career as a concert pianist in the Middle East.

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